About us

General introduction of the company

Thanh Phuc Group Company was established in 1988, formerly known as Duy Canh Mechanical Complex in Kien An, Hai Phong City. As a well-known unit of working style with dedication and dedication to customers, always striving with the desire to contribute its efforts to the common development of society.

After 5 years, Thanh Phuc Group Company has established 2 more factories, Thanh Phuc Mechanical Factory - specializing in designing and manufacturing an unburnt brick production line and Thanh Phuc Brick Factory - specializing in producing bricks and tiles. unburnt. These two factories have provided the market with high quality products, perfect after-sales service to bring the highest satisfaction to customers, and also contributed positively to the overall development of the industry. Vietnam mechanical engineering industry and the country's construction industry.

Photo 1: Mr. Tran Duy Canh - Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of the Company (on the left)

Since its establishment, Thanh Phuc Group Company has constantly grown and continuously developed not only in production scale, but also in sales. At the moment, Thanh Phuc Mechanical Plant always holds the leading position in the market of manufacturing and supplying unburnt brick production lines in Vietnam and neighboring countries with the factory's output reaching over 80 lines / year with production lines from 5,000,000 - 25,000,000 members / year. Cumulative sales of Thanh Phuc Group reached over 900 lines, lines, equipment all accounted for a large market share in the market.

Photo 2: High-class production model of TP86 unburnt bricks designed and manufactured by Thanh Phuc Company

Regarding human resources, from 5 employees in the first day of establishment, the number of employees of the company has reached more than 150 people. In which, 12 engineers design and manufacture machines; 08 electrical and hydraulic engineers; 03 KCS engineers; 05 construction engineers, construction materials; 30 technology transfer engineers; 80 employees with university and college degrees; The rest are workers with intermediate vocational level and skilled workers.

Regarding machine tools, Thanh Phuc Group always focuses on investing in high-tech and modern equipment for production. In particular, 06 CNC milling machines; 05 CNC lathes; 04 wire cutters; 03 ballast, bending machine; 01 corrugated iron machine; 09 lathes and milling machines; 02 plasma cutting machines; 03 mechanical drills; 01 high frequency furnace; 01 furnace permeates when carbon nitrogen ... and many other modern facilities for production.

Photo 3: Some foreign customers of Thanh Phuc Company

In addition to production and business activities, Thanh Phuc Group always strives to contribute positively to the State Budget by successfully completing the tax payment, ensuring jobs and increasing income for hundreds officials and employees of the company as well as contributing to the sustainable development of the community and society.

Photo 5: Mr. Tran Duy Canh - Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of the Company (White shirt, standing on the right) taking photos with President Tran Dai Quang.

Throughout the history of formation and development, with the solidarity and relentless efforts of each member, the Company has continuously developed, achieved great achievements, best met the mission to customers. , significantly contributing to the mechanical industry of the City and the Country. With these achievements, Thanh Phuc Group is proud of those successes. However, an important factor determining the success is the unanimity of the company's employees, the support and trust of friends, colleagues and customers for Thanh Phuc. Group.


Introducing Thanh Phuc ultralight stone

What is Thanh Phuc ultralight stone? - Thanh Phuc ultralight stone is a safe and reliable material that has been applied a lot in life such as: sports shoes, furniture, car products, sports equipment ... is a material Important construction in home decoration which we often call synthetic resin material with extremely high durability, reasonable cost, environmentally friendly.

Experts highly appreciate this new material because it has a strong replacement for increasingly depleted natural materials such as stone, wood, rubber, fiberglass, silicone, etc.

The remarkable feature of Thanh Phuc ultralight stone is very durable because it has a closed cell structure, high stability, unlike plastic declining over time, no mold due to no degree of movement. moisture of the material and it keeps moisture from being transferred behind the coating. Moisture migration is the cause of mold on stone or bricks, rotting in wood and beams, and blistering, peeling of paint and other serious problems.

Internal features of Thanh Phuc ultralight stone

  1. High strength - Maintain beauty in the harshest conditions without being worn, chipped or dirty of dirt like real stone or bricks
  2. Weather resistant - Resistant to extreme temperatures, dry or wet, exposed to rain, wind and heat without fading, warping, not oxidizing ...
  3. No termites, ants or insects.
  4. Sound insulation, thermal insulation, good insulation
  5. Environmentally friendly - Do not discharge environmentally harmful substances such as quarry mining.
  6. Lightweight - Easy to apply, handle, unlike real stone, does not require reinforcement. No need for masons or special tools as well as cranes or forklifts, low labor costs due to light weight, easy installation.
  7. Fireproofing materials - No fumes or toxic gases.
  8. Flexible size - Size on demand from small size to large size, large size.
  9. Thanh Phuc ultralight stone is made from molds made of real stone, brick and wood. This creates a realistic texture that recreates the natural beauty of stone, brick, and wood.


Thanh Phuc is currently the pioneer and only unit in Vietnam producing ultralight stone. Being invested nearly VND 100 billion for the factory to produce ultralight stone. With a factory area of 3,000 square meters with equipment and technology transferred from Japan.

In addition to the support of traditional partners inherent in countries with developed industries such as Japan and South Korea, the advantage of more than 30 years of operation in the field of machine manufacturing and construction materials production, therefore, access to and ownership of technology by Thanh Phuc's officials and employees took place smoothly.

Mastering the technology of manufacturing and manufacturing molds is also an advantage in the production and trading of goods, which require many aesthetic factors and product designs.

Thanh Phuc ultralight stone will meet all requirements on design, shape, size, thickness, pattern, color ... according to the design and needs of customers.

In addition to dozens of products launched in the market, in the coming time, Thanh Phuc will continue to research the needs and tastes of customers and launch new richer and more diversified new products to serve the needs. needs and tastes of consumers.