Thanh Phuc Mechanical and Construction Material Joint Stock Company: Age 30 is proud and strong

Week 4 - 03 - 2020
    2018 is a year of special significance for Thanh Phuc Mechanical and Construction Material Joint Stock Company (Hai Phong) with consecutive orders from domestic and foreign customers as well as trust and appreciation. of trusted partners. Not only that, 2018 is also the proud 30th anniversary of the company, affirming the continuous growth and growth of one of the leading brands in the construction industry of unburnt brick production.

Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Van Sinh gave a speech to congratulate Thanh Phuc Company on a long and successful journey.

   At the 30th anniversary of the Company's founding, held in December 2018, with the participation of Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Van Sinh, Thanh Phuc signed a cooperation agreement to transfer brick production technology. High quality non-baked bricks with partners Nihon Koghio and Amron on producing water-piercing bricks, insulating bricks, vibration-damping bricks ... Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Van Sinh expressed his special impression with The achievements that Thanh Phuc Company has achieved during the 30 years of establishment and development, not only consumed nearly 1,000 lines throughout the country but also expanded the domestic market and boosted exports to other countries. Other countries such as Portugal, South Korea, Lybia, Iraq, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Angola, Thailand, Laos ...

Overview of the ceremony.

   Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Sinh highly appreciated the investment in science and technology, good machinery and facilities to manufacture high-quality, beautiful, durable, solid and very modern brick production lines. The Deputy Minister praised Thanh Phuc's model of producing both bricks and bricks to help customers feel secure when coming to cooperation and stated that the quality of the machine is always better and timely adjusted through the use process. machines manufactured by themselves for the production of unburnt bricks.

   It can be said that these are products of the dedication and creativity of the leadership, officers, employees and employees of Thanh Phuc Company over the years with the help of facilitating the Government leaders at all levels of Hai Phong City, the Ministry of Construction, the Government as well as ministries, central branches and the positive feedback of customers. According to Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Sinh, construction materials (including construction materials), including unburnt construction materials, are an important area for investment efficiency, quality and beauty of all works. build. Recently, with the attention of the Party, the State, the active participation of all levels, sectors, businesses and people, the construction materials industry of Vietnam has achieved important achievements, such as: The law is increasingly being improved; State management has many positive changes; The category and quality of construction materials have been increasingly expanded, enhanced and met domestic and export demands.

    Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Sinh believes that Thanh Phuc will soon realize the goal of becoming a leading enterprise in manufacturing bricks and unburnt construction materials in Vietnam and reaching out to the region, contributing to building the city. Hai Phong is becoming more and more beautiful and becomes a typical unburnt construction material production enterprise of Construction industry.

Mr. Tran Duy Canh, Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of Thanh Phuc Company spoke at the anniversary of the establishment of the Company.

   In the joy of celebrating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Company, Mr. Tran Duy Canh - Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of the Company said: Currently, Thanh Phuc is one of the pioneers in manufacturing and supplying the production lines of adobe bricks in Vietnam and other countries in the region, with an output of over 80 lines / year. The capacity of production lines is from 5,000,000 - 25,000,000 members / year. Cumulative sales of Thanh Phuc reached over 800 lines.

Mr. Tran Duy Phuc - Sales Director on behalf of the Company receives congratulatory gifts from foreign partners.

According to Mr. Canh, unburnt bricks are nature-friendly materials and are encouraged by the State, but because they are quite new products, they still face many difficulties in developing in the market, so It is necessary to join hands of the whole society to complete the mission of unburnt bricks to replace baked clay bricks, contributing to protecting soil resources, protecting the environment and sustainable development of the country.

The signing ceremony of technology transfer high-class unburnt brick production between Thanh Phuc Company with partners Nihon Koghio and Amron on cross-country brick production.

    On behalf of the Company, Mr. Tran Duy Canh thanked the attention and conditions of the authorities at all levels of the city. Hai Phong, the Ministry of Construction and other ministries and central agencies said that Thanh Phuc will continue to learn, study, train, develop science and technology and production together with improving the organization and discipline. , the determination and wisdom of the Company's leaders to promote Thanh Phuc development in the future.

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