Interior design trends from ultralight stone

Week 4 - 03 - 2020

Interior design from ultra-light artificial stone is becoming a new trend that is well received by the market. This is a substitute material for natural stone is running out. Interior design from ultra-light artificial stone is becoming a new trend that is well received by the market. According to experts, many countries around the world have applied this technology of producing ultralight stone with many outstanding features. This product is an ideal material to replace the naturally depleted natural stone due to the growing demand for mining for construction.

Thanh Phuc ultralight stone joins Vietbuild Hanoi 2019.

As one of the pioneering enterprises in this production technology, Mr. Tran Duy Phuc - Deputy General Director of Thanh Phuc Group shared that the artificial stone is super light weight and durable, very convenient to apply in Interior and exterior design. Experts in the field of construction materials commented that ultralight stone, unlike natural stone, is only a fixed pattern that manufacturers can design patterns according to the diverse needs of users. , meet market requirements. Not to mention, ultralight stone has many outstanding features because it is rich, can mix, match with interior decoration.

   Notably, natural stone during construction must use drilling, grinding, cutting ... causing dust and must use mortar, cement to link stone to construction surfaces. Meanwhile, the use of artificial ultralight stone is simple, easy and much faster due to just assembling, firing screws, gluing. Especially, it takes only 1 person to execute within 30 minutes to finish a large wall. This is a huge difference that natural stone can not meet. Therefore, artificial ultralight stone has gradually become a new trend for architects to choose when applying products for interior and exterior design.

   Currently, ultralight stone is widely applied in many countries around the world, from interior and exterior construction, to office decoration, lobby and lobby for large works, villas, resorts and amusement parks. entertainment, parks, railway stations, airports, hotels ... In Vietnam, a number of businesses have captured consumers' tastes, updated ultra-light stone production technology of advanced countries in the world. , to deliver products to the market.

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