Under the agreement, Thanh Phuc and Tiger machine introduce and provide four lines of production of unburnt bricks from high-class to low-end, meeting different requirements in the field of unburnt brick production.

Thanh Phuc Mechanical and Construction Material Joint Stock Company and Tiger machine Co., Ltd. (Japan) have just signed a cooperation agreement to supply unburnt brick production line in Vietnam. Under the agreement, Thanh Phuc and Tiger machine introduce and provide four lines of production of unburnt bricks from high-class to low-end, meeting different requirements in the field of unburnt brick production.

Thanh Phuc Mechanical and Construction Material Joint Stock Company is a supplier of aggregated cement bricks, terrazzo tiles, colored tiles and block bricks and production lines from semi-automatic to automatic. completely. By cooperating with Tiger machine, the joint venture will also provide a system of machinery to treat fly ash into sand and artificial stones, industrial waste and domestic waste ... to contribute to environmental protection.

Thanh Phuc understands step by step the development of current unburnt bricks and has the task of fulfilling the mission of developing unburnt bricks to help protect the environment and agricultural land, replacing burned bricks. Currently, unburnt bricks still face difficulties due to: terracotta bricks are still sold at low prices (the fired brick producer does not nearly count the cost of soil materials into production costs because it is too comfortable to exploit because it has been exploited). at the project level), the State has not yet imposed a special consumption tax on fired bricks, has not had a specialized force and checked the use of unburnt bricks in compulsory works but most importantly, unburnt bricks are currently The quality is not high due to being manufactured from cheap brick machines, poor quality, outdated technology and not following the process of producing a brick, thus creating a misunderstanding about quality. and the benefits that unburnt bricks bring.

Therefore, the units need to invest in a line of high quality unburnt bricks and fully comply with the process of producing unburnt bricks, not running after profits but cutting quality. Because in the future, the market will need high-class unburnt bricks but only high-class unburnt brick machines can produce these types of products such as water-piercing bricks, insulating bricks and bricks. have a natural shape ... and a new development direction is Thanh Phuc cooperating with Japan on high-class unburnt brick machine, high-class brick in Vietnam to meet the demand of high-class brick market in the coming years.

Water-penetrating bricks are an effective solution for urban drainage systems to avoid flooding and overcome tides, retain underground water to supplement groundwater circuits, and regulate the temperature after the rain. sweltering due to the water stored in the ground will evaporate on its own, retain garbage on the surface without draining into the sewer mouth, slip resistance and safety for pedestrians, saving costs due to not Using the primer is young concrete and maintains the habitat of the microorganism layer in the ground, good strength, easy maintenance and repair.

Thanh Phuc has successfully researched and produced water-piercing technology with absolute water penetration rate of 100% (normal bricks are absorbed, not water-pierced) on their high-end models, TP66X. and TP86X. In order to successfully manufacture a water-piercing brick machine, Thanh Phuc did not hesitate to invest in high technology 4.0 in manufacturing machines such as: Welding robots, central processing system of assembly details and technology programming molds. high automation, automatic heat treatment system, Plasma cutting system, automatic electric spark cutting, electrical and hydraulic control software ... aims to improve the quality of the machine, because only high quality machines are new capable of making bricks penetrate water.

We are proud to be a pioneer in researching and successfully manufacturing water-piercing brick machines and producing water-piercing bricks in Vietnam. Firstly, Thanh Phuc manufactures cross-country bricks and some high-class unburnt bricks at the new brick factory No. 02 that we have just invested in expanding so that this useful product quickly reaches the market and neighboring provinces. due to the urgency of cross-country bricks for urban drainage. In parallel with this, we will also submit to the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Science and Technology together to come up with a set of standards and standards for cross-country bricks. As for the technology, when customers buy the TP66X and TP86X lines, of course, they have already received the technology to transfer bricks across the country, so there is no need to pay the transfer cost.

Attending the meeting, on the PMU side, there were Mr. Do Giao Tien - Project Manager, Mr. Vo Quang Diem - Technical experts, consultants and media; On the side of Thanh Phuc Company, there were Mr. Tran Duy Canh - Chairman of the Board of Directors (cum General Director), Mr. Tran Duy Phuc - Managing Director and a number of technical and business officers.

At the meeting, Mr. Do Giao Tien emphasized: In order to improve the quality and competitiveness of imported equipment of the same type, Thanh Phuc Company needs to improve the level of manufacturing technology and at the same time spend standardize its mechanical products. 

The mold for making concrete bricks is a worn-out, perishable part of the unburnt brick production line (GKN), which has a great influence on operating costs, machine-mobilization time and manufacturer's brand. Therefore, the announcement of the Base Standard (TCCS) for GKN production molds is the basis for confirming the quality of molds in particular and the quality of equipment in general for manufacturers. In addition, the publication of TCCS will help businesses constantly improve the process of quality management and product quality assurance according to standards, creating credibility and trust with consumers.

TS Vo Quang Diem - Project Technical Specialist pointed out the main contents that the Project's consultant team will coordinate with Thanh Phuc Company to carry out, including: Surveying the status of machining technology. manufacturing, researching quality criteria, basic parameters of production mold of production value of Thanh Phuc Company; Refer to the standards of the countries, suggest the basic criteria of the SOC; Developing explanations and standards for production models of production lines. The formulation and publication of the Standards of the Organization will be conducted in accordance with the guidance of Circular No. 21/2007 / TT-BKHCN dated September 28, 2007 of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

In the opinion of the Consultant, TS. Nguyen Anh Son - Head of Department of Materials, Heat and Surface Treatment, Institute of Materials Science and Technology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology: Establishing and announcing TCCS for GKN production mold of the Company. 

Thanh Phuc should be conducted based on the research results and practices at the Company, specific scientific justifications for the heat treatment process and mold engineering. The main quality criteria of the mold such as hardness, wear resistance, mold life, ... can be determined through theoretical calculations, measurements or statistics during mold usage.

On behalf of Thanh Phuc Company, Mr. Tran Duy Canh said: With the technical support of Project experts from 2016 to the present, the Company has made many technological improvements from which to improve productivity and quality. Especially in 2018, through the support of the Project with the activity "Perfecting the technology and heat treatment process at Thanh Phuc Company, Hai Phong" by TS. Nguyen Anh Son - Head of Department of Materials Science, Heat and Surface Treatment, Hanoi University of Science and Technology presides over implementation, the Company has implemented the improvement and improvement of mold quality, heat treatment and finishing. better product. 

Currently, the capacity of the business can meet the requirements of manufacturing all types of molds, in addition to receiving orders for heat treatment as well as manufacturing other mechanical products in addition to brick molds. Through this, businesses have been able to evaluate the results achieved by applying advances in production technology, saving costs and improving product quality. The results of evaluating the process of using molds so far show that the durability of brick molds manufactured by Thanh Phuc Company is increased by 30-40% and the market price can be increased from 100 million to 120 million. / set of molds. 

This is the effect of applying scientific and technological research results to improve the quality of products that the project has brought to businesses and should be replicated through communication channels. The company is very happy when the PMU continues to select and support the development of grassroots standards for the Company's GKN mold. Initially, the Company asked experts of the Project to focus on supporting the construction of the TCCS for the type of mold to produce holes bricks.

Also at the meeting, Mr. Do Giao Tien said: 2019 is the year that the Project will promote communication & awareness raising activities for stakeholders and the community, so it is recommended that Thanh Company Phuc coordinates and supports communication experts in visiting, grasping the production processes, manufacturing products at the Company, carrying out communication activities on the results and success of the activities. The technology has been implemented here, contributing to information and dissemination to other units.